RHDS Archive Storage Services: The modern box and document storage solution.

The storage of essential records and document boxes is often a practical and legal requirement for many organisations. But the cost of office accommodation and the security infrastructure to protect these business critical records means that most organisations with a significant requirement now outsource this function.

RHDS Storage Services is a business dedicated to providing a service that meets the constantly developing requirements of companies needing box storage, paper storage and record storage and management services.

We offer services to manage archive storage boxes, files storage and business critical documents, whether you need regular access, long term archiving or legal destruction.

Our experience, purpose built facilities and constant investment in state of the art storage management tools enable us to provide a complete records management service – providing you with peace of mind, easy access, reliable retrieval and a secure, cost – effective solution.

  • A safe, out of town location with 24 hour security
  • State of the art tracking system – providing accurate fast and reliable movement trail and history
  • Excellent service at affordable price
  • Private viewing suite
  • Close to Stansted airport
  • Bespoke service to suit your needs

Advanced box storage and document storage and management in our purpose built, secure warehouse.

Why Choose RHDS?

Our clients choose us because

Why Transfer to RHDS?

You have an archive storage service, and you find you are frustrated by:
  • Unclear costs and nasty surprises
  • Ever-rising charges
  • A “one size fits all” approach to your business

If you’ve realised that your needs and your vendor’s service just don’t match, and you want a tailored service, we can help

Please call us on 01279 724653 to discuss how we can help.

Current clients include:

Legal & Financial

Business recovery

earthport.com Quest-group


lbinsolvency.co.uk FRP Advisory LLP

Frank Brazell Lawclaim

Slush Puppie Drinks Company : Archive storage client

abbottfielding.co.uk BRS Associates