Archive Storage for Financial Services Companies

All Financial Services Companies are aware of their legal obligations to preserve records for at least seven years. Most companies also understand the need for quick and easy access to those records: a client may ask a question, or HMRC may make enquiries.

We help financial services companies make sure their records are both secure and accessible. We can help :

  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Accountants
  • Tax Advisors
  • Insurance Brokers

Our service is:

  • Flexible : you never pay for space you are not using
  • Cost-effective : we make sure you do not waste office space or staff time solving archive storage problems.

Protecting Confidentiality : Document Destruction

Confidentiality is key for all financial services companies. Even obsolete documents may disclose private and personal information. Destroying obsolete documents may be the best way to protect confidentiality - as well as cutting costs and saving space.

RH Data Storage provide a document destruction service with guaranteed security and confidentiality. This service is available for documents archived with us, and also for documents stored on your site. We provide secure storage units for the documents. When you are ready we collect them and destroy the documents, and give you a certificate confirming the destruction.

To put our experience to work solving your document storage problems please contact us.