Improving your archive storage service

You use offsite archive storage to balance your legal and business requirements for long-term retention of records with your business needs to minimise costs and access information quickly. It's still important to make sure that your archive storage contract is the best for your business, for both cost and quality of service. RHDS are often able to help businesses achieve a better service at a reduced cost.

Why you should consider moving to RHDS

  • Better systems : our bespoke software means we can make our system fit you, not vice-versa
  • Better service : our response is always helpful and professional
  • Lower costs : we may be able to reduce your costs
  • Simple transfer : we make the transfer process quick and easy, and usually cost-free.

The Archive Storage Market

Some of our competitors are major international companies. They find it very hard to provide the flexible, personal service that businesses need. They expect you to adapt your records management systems and schedules to suit their system. Their call centres are remote and unhelpful.

That's not how we think an archive storage service should be run. We manage your archive storage in the way that suits you, not the way that suits us. We make sure all you contacts with us are handled professionally and helpfully.

Why the transfer process is quick and easy

We manage the entire transfer process, and move the archives direct from the old company to our secure storage. We make sure everything is properly indexed and recorded. All you need to do is give us the go-ahead : we do the rest.

How we solve the problems that might stop you transferring

Locked into a long contract ? It may not be as locked as you think. We may be able to unlock the contract now, without you having to wait for it to expire.

Many archive storage companies impose a Permanent Withdrawal Charge or PWC when a box is taken out of storage. This covers their costs, but also puts up a barrier to customers wanting to move to a better, cheaper service.

We are often able to break this barrier, by paying the PWC for you. Please call us on 01279 724653 to see if we can help.