Archive Storage for Insolvency Practitioners

We understand the archive storage needs of Insolvency Practitioners.

Insolvency Practitioners are the largest single industry sector amongst our clients. IP companies choose us because we understand what they need.

Clearing offices of books and records.

Our team will take flat pack boxes to site and collect material as instructed by the client. Boxes are then taken to store for cataloguing.

Cataloguing Box Content

Immediately boxes arrive they are catalogued, bank and financial records are separated. The listings are emailed in excel format with data filters set for finding all boxes containing specified content.

Viewing Room

The viewing room is a large office in one of our warehouses designed to enable investigations of large quantities of boxes, we bring the boxes in and out on pallets leaving the client to focus on the investigation.

Server Access

A recent innovation is the inclusion of a computer system in the viewing room enabling access of data from a case company’s server in conjunction with viewing the paper records.


We recently scanned 8500 pages from a selection of boxes enabling a client to search for pages containing a particular sequence of words the pages were found instantly, the precision of the search and saving of investigative time easily justifying the cost of scanning.

These services have been appreciated recently by our IP clients because of the time it is saving their staff.

For IP clients who have wanted to take advantage of these bespoke services as well as the highly competitive storage charges but have found the cost of moving, particularly the punitive permanent withdrawal charges levied by most storage suppliers prohibitive, we have undertaken the entire removal process including transport, bar coding database entry and placing into storage free of charge and have arranged periods of free storage to offset permanent withdrawal charges. Enabling clients to move seamlessly and immediately to a situation of reduced storage costs and a more tailored service.

We are committed to provide the highest standard of service and quality to our clients and through our consultative approach and with our specialist knowledge, RHDS creates solutions that give real cost advantages.