Archive Storage for Law Firms

Law firms must balance their business need to keep costs down with their client and professional obligation to keep their records secure, confidential and accessible.

All legal work generates documents that must be retained, and confidentiality and security are paramount. It's not possible to know when a client request might mean documents are required urgently.

Our offsite archive storage service keeps your records secure, confidential and accessible, and minimises your costs.

  • Using our secure storage space is far cheaper than storing archives within your office space.
  • Our sophisticated indexing and records management system means archives can be retrieved quickly and easily
  • We can return your records to your offices, or they can be accessed in our private viewing suite
  • Our “Scan On Demand” delivers urgent documents to your PC in 30 minutes.

RHDS serve a range of law firms, from from sole practitioners to larger firms. Through this experience and through acting on their feedback, we continue to grow our client base of satisfied legal firms.

To put our experience to work caring for your legal records please do not hesitate contact us.