Medical records : Save time. money and space with offsite archive storage

Medical records just keep growing - and therefore the problem of storing them just keeps growing. There's a cost in the valuable office space lost to records, and a hidden cost in the staff time lost when records cannot be found.

It is important that all healthcare services have adequate, well managed archive storage. We help organisations understand and manage the risks to hard copy records, thereby making it easier for them to address their corporate responsibility for data protection.

By moving your archives to our secure storage we help you to:

  • save space: reclaim your office space for your staff
  • save time: our integrated archive system means records can always be found quickly

We help you deliver a better service at a lower cost.

Protecting confidentiality with secure destruction

Confidentiality is key for all healthcare organisations. Even old and obsolete documents may disclose confidential medical information. Destroying obsolete documents may be the best way to protect confidentiality - as well as cutting costs and saving space.

RH Data Storage provide a document destruction service with guaranteed security and confidentiality. This service is available for documents archived with us, and also for documents stored on your site. We provide secure stowage units for the documents. When you are ready we collect them and destroy the documents, and give you a certificate confirming the destruction.

For reliability and service choose a specialist

We understand that secure storage of records is an essential part of healthcare organisations service to their patients. That's why we provide a professional, managed archive storage solution.