Collection, retrieval and delivery services

Many of our clients require a cost effective collection and delivery service and the guarantee of reliability and speed that is synonymous with the RHDS service. We can also offer you our relocation service to ensure that your records and documents are managed securely when relocating.

RHDS Storage Services operates primarily in the Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate and The City of London areas, though do please contact us if you have an enquiry and are from outside this region.

Collection and transfer of your records from one site to our own can be arranged to suit you. All transportation is undertaken in unmarked vans.

A free collection service is offered for organisations transferring significant numbers of boxes and large quantities of paper storage. Free collection is subject to certain terms - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On site retrieval is immediate and the date and time of every viewing is digitally recorded on the document's individual tracking record.

Retrieval options

Regular or immediate access to business critical documents and boxes is simply facilitated through our state of the art systems. If you need to see your documents at our location or have them delivered to your own site we are happy to assist.

Long term archiving
For documents and boxes that need to be stored as records but reviewed rarely, our long term storage options are ideal. You have the reassurance of safety, compliance and security, the financial and logistical benefits of outsourced storage and the reliability of speedy and reliable retrieval when required.

If and when your document reaches the end of its useful life we can undertake secure destruction and recycling on our own premises, issuing Certificates of Destruction for your records. We can even help you plan and manage your storage so that documents that are no longer required under statutory timescales or indeed according to your own archiving regulations, are identified automatically for review or destruction.

Documents can be delivered back to your own site the next working day by our delivery vans or if appropriate by courier service, Document Exchange, Special Delivery Postage or e-mail.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us – we look forward to helping you. Please call us on 077100 65049 or contact us here

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