Archive storage - questions & answers

Q. Am I better off storing my records offsite?

A. Inevitably we would say yes! There are many supporting reasons for this – not all organisations want to invest in the premises and technology that makes box, paper and document storage safe and effective.

A service such as ours enables you to concentrate on what you do and leave the box and document storage to us. As it is our business and livelihood we invest in the infrastructure that works for mass document and box storage management, enabling you to reap the benefits whilst not necessarily having the volume to justify your own in-house facility.

Not only do we “store boxes”, we can manage review and destruction schedules, support you I your risk management and disaster planning strategy and provide the staff, resources and facilities to ensure that you comply with all statutory document retention regulations, receive a really good service, and keep your costs low.

Q. We are an expanding Insolvency Practitioner company. We have some file storage on site but our needs are increasing every month. We do need to access files and search for significant information and so need reliable access – can you help.

A. You are describing a significant number of our current clients! Many insolvency practitioners make use of our facilities as we offer secure box storage and state of the art retrieval services. Often staff from a company such as yours come on site for a few days or weeks and just work through their clients records, identifying critical documents and marking them as such. They can then plan what to keep for how long and what and when to destroy. We believe that our facilities and the services we offer provide an unrivalled service for organisations such as yours – we will even come and collect the files from you f.o.c! Do come and have a look around.

Q. I need to relocate my files fast but know its going to be a nightmare. My current storage chap is going under and I am really worried about the safety of my files.

A. Please ring us now on 01279 724653. We can arrange collection within a day or two and have you set up here with a system you can control and manage and a service that will definitely make you feel happier.

We can supply you with financial and commercial references so that you can rest assured you will never be in this position again.

We actually helped someone in a similar position a while ago and even designed a shute to get his files down from a 5th storey storage location! Whatever is needed, we'll always do all we can to assist. Do please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

You can rely on RH Data Storage for a friendly, helpful and reliable archive storage and box and document storage solution for London.